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Women of Fukushima was filmed in July 2012. Since producing this documentary we have continued to film the women and their activities. Over the next year as Japan elects a new government we will continue to follow the events unfolding in the lives of these women and expand upon the issues surround the decommissioning of Fukushima Dai Ichi.


We also have a considerable archive of footage and interviews from a small group of locals living in Ishinomaki, a town badly hit by the tsunami. We aim to continue documenting the recovery of this town, with an eye to creating a full length documentary that follows this recovery over a longer time-frame.


Kugi Productions is a small independent production company. We are self-financing all of these projects because we believe that documenting and archiving these stories is important for the public record, good for future generations and therefore good for society. It is our contribution to the recovery effort in Japan.


We are commiting our time and skills and equipment to this work, but there are still plenty of costs:


- Transport and accomodation when we travel through the region.

- Costs for maintaining our website and other activities online.

- Costs for archiving our material and backing up all of our data.

- Distribution costs for applying to festivals and providing copies of the film in various formats for screenings.


We would appreciate any contributions to help us cover our costs. Contributions can be made using paypal.


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Support the recovery in Tohoku

If you would like to donate to ongoing aid and reconstruction efforts in Tohoku, we recommend the following groups. They are local, efficient and use their donations wisely and directly for local projects.


Its Not Just Mud


Second Harvest