Eat To Live Or Live To Eat?

Eat To Live Or Live To Eat?

As Miranda Priestly says in “The Devil Wears Prada”, “I am just one stomach flu away from my goal weight.” Okay, well maybe in my case several stomach flus away. That’s because I love to cook and I love to eat.

There is a saying that says you either eat to live or live to eat–I definitely fall into the latter category. From savory stews to dilectable sweet treats, I am constantly whipping up something tasty to eat in the kitchen. Most of my favorite recipes are fall and winter comfort foods, but spring and summer dishes with ripe berries bursting with flavor are high on the list, too.

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Once the kids go back to school in the fall, preparing a delicious meal that we will all love to eat will center just as much around taste as it will around convenience. My crockpot will often go into overtime during the fall and winter months, pumping out delicious meal after delicious meal that will not only warm us from the inside out but have us returning for seconds or thirds.

A chipotle lime chicken with Jamaican beans and rice is one of my favorite foods and recipes I love to cook and eat! With a savory tomato sauce, spicy chipotle chilies in adobo sauce, meaty chicken thighs all balanced with a rice prepared with coconut milk and red kidney beans–this dish is high on my list of favorite fall fare.

Endoscopic spinal surgery is a minimally invasive surgical technique which is employed in many modern medical institutions. By using a set of small instruments and cameras, surgeons are able to perform spinal surgery through small incisions, thus shortening recovery time for the patient and leaving minimal scarring on the patient’s body. The surgical practice gets its name from a small device called an endoscope which is inserted into the patient in order to to perform the surgery.

Unlike traditional spinal surgery, endoscopic spinal surgery can be performed as an outpatient treatment without the need for anesthesia. This type of spinal surgery is a growing field with new innovations being developed quite rapidly. Nowadays, the majority of medical issues can be treated with some form of minimally invasive surgical procedure.

However, certain medical conditions still remain which require traditional open surgery. Nonetheless,When it comes to spinal surgery, many eligible patients are choosing this new innovative practice. A surgeon by the name of Dr. Tony Mork is the leading innovator in these new surgical techniques. He has developed much of the leading advancements in the field of endoscopic spinal surgery. In fact, he wrote some of the first peer-reviewed articles on endoscopic surgical techniques.

However, although minimally invasive spinal surgery decreases recovery time and generally causes less pain and scarring for the patient, these techniques are relatively new in comparison to more traditional surgical procedures. Additionally, this type of procedure requires a great deal of skill and training, arguably more so than traditional open surgery.

Complications are highly likely if the doctor performing the surgery lacks training or skill in this specific field. Therefore, it is always good for a patient to know the medical background of the surgeon that will be operating on him or her. However, with the right doctor, it is likely that everything will go as planned. That being said, endoscopic spinal surgery is in many ways a great alternative to more traditional surgical procedures.

In the summer months, my family loves to snarf up as many fresh, ripe berries as we can. A stunning strawberry shortcake is not only fast to make, but also stunningly simple. With sweet, red-ripe strawberries, a hint of sugar glaze, crumbly shortcake, and fresh light whipped-cream, this summer treat has us all going back to the kitchen to refill our plates again and again.

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There is no doubt about it–if anybody is ever looking for me they will most likely find me in the kitchen whipping up the next tasty treat. While there are certainly failures among the things I cook (South African meatballs was among the dishes my family will never be willing to eat again), there are certainly favorite foods I love to cook and love to eat. They are usually incredibly simple, yet utilize a perfect balance of savory and sweet while utilizing some of the seasonal vegetables and foods available at that time.

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