My Mangey Mutts

Okay, well my dogs really don’t have mange, and they aren’t mutts. I have THREE dogs. I am not quite sure what I was thinking when I got another dog, considering I had my hands full with the two that were already in my home. But when I saw the dog on a rescue website, I had to go see him in person. When I went to see him in person, I decided I couldn’t live my life without him. So yes, now I have three dogs.

I have two English Springer Spaniels. They are absolutely gorgeous, and smart as a whip. They are actually too smart and manage to get themselves into trouble because they can always manage to outwit the humans in the house. They also have the most beautiful and shiny brown and white coats. They are the field variety of English Springer Spaniel, so their tails are only slightly docked so the fluffy white tips of their tails can be seen through heavy brush when bird hunting. It truly is a thing of beauty.

The third dog is a spot of contention in my house. He is a huge dog–by far the biggest dog I have ever had. He is a purebred Doberman Pinscher, which I never in a million years dreamed of having in my home. But when I saw his sad-looking face and floppy ears (his ears were never cropped) on a rescue website, I knew he had to be a member of my house. He was only 44 pounds when I got him.

Can you imagine that?!! A huge adult Doberman only 44 pounds??!! He had been severely abused and neglected by his previous owners (like my ex), which would usually make a dog aggressive; but not my dobie. He is big and sweet and the dumbest animal I have ever met in my life. The problem with him and why he is the spot of contention is because he doesn’t get along with the two Springers. He wants to play with them, and they want nothing to do with the big dumb beast. A lot of the day is spent trying to keep the dogs away from eachother so there isn’t a bloody brawl in my living room.

I have had a lot of pets in my life. I mean a LOT of pets. But after the three dogs I have had over the past five years, I know I will always have a Doberman and a Springer in my house. They are some of the most loving pets I have ever had. The only thing I would do differently is to raise the doberman and springer together so there would not be issues with them perhaps not getting along.

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