Stock up on Salad fixins

Stock up on Salad fixins

I haven’t posted much as I’ve been rather busy elsewhere, and frankly, I’ve been completely off the rails. I had a week from hell. I was still on call at the beginning, and then one of my best friends died, very unexpectedly, and it just rocked me to the core.

So I have been in comfort food mode all week, complete with cocktails, wine and even some desserts. Yes, I realize that eating sauerbraten with spaetzle, or kasewurst with German potato salad, isn’t actually going to make anything better, but it did make me feel as if I were at back home at Oma’s, when no matter what kind of day I’d had, there was always a good dinner to look forward to.

My nod to health has been eating some delicious 9-grain bread I picked up at the bakery, a couple salads, and last night my dinner was broccoli with a bit of ranch because the fridge is bare. Besides, there was plenty of nice, healthy sauerkraut with the wurst, and some braised red cabbage with the sauerbraten, and I don’t normally get to eat at that place very often (only a few times a year if I’m lucky), so twice in one week was exceptional.

The Dutch Gemberkoek I’ve managed to make my way through this week was just the icing on the… wait for it… cake! We won’t discuss the stroopwafels with my tea, or the Cap’n Black and Coke Zero cocktails. I did get some exercise cleaning – hey, I’m counting it!

So today I expected to be somewhere in blimp territory, and was shocked and amazed to see that I hadn’t gained anything at all. I think we’ll classify that one somewhere under miracles, be thankful, and move on. Early tomorrow morning is the memorial service for Steve, followed by a luncheon. I have a feeling that there will be another glass of wine, and then I’m done for a while – at least that’s the plan.

Need to go grocery shopping and stock up on salad fixins. Let’s hope this week goes smoothly! The house continues to come together, very slowly, but surely. This week is all about getting things wrapped up, because next weekend I have to scrub the kitchen from top to bottom, scrub out the fridge, and do all of the shopping, as the following week I will be busy cooking to try and get as much done ahead of time as possible. Again, that’s the plan, but I have a feeling Steinbeck might have something to say about that

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