Sweet Home Chicago

Sweet Home Chicago

Lake Shore Drive at night, Michigan Avenue at Christmastime, Skate On State in the Winter, Taste of Chicago for the 4th of July with the amazing fireworks show set in time to Tchaicovsky’s 1812 Overture–these are all some of the things I miss most about home. I moved from Chicago 12 years ago, got married, and had kids since then, but going back to visit Chicago is one of our favorite things to do. There is always something kid-friendly to do, great places to eat, and fun things to see whenever we go back to visit, and it will forever be one of my favorite vacation destination points now.

I felt a little shell-shocked when I moved away from Chicago. The big with the dazzling lights, incredible nightlife, and neverending array of five-star restaurants had captured my heart from the time I was a little girl. While I certainly don’t miss the cold, wet miserable months of winter, I miss a lot of the things we used to do during the winter. That’s why instead of heading for a tropical beach in the wintertime or to the ski resorts of Aspen or Vail, we often make our way to Chi Town to visit the museums, see the amazing window displays, and fill up on as much good food as we possibly can before heading back to the place we now call home.

A lot of people wouldn’t think of Chicago, Illinois as a vacation destination, but for us, it is one of the places I lived and love visiting. I was born in Chicago, and didn’t leave the midwest until I was in my mid 20’s. No matter how far away I move, however, Chicago will always be a place I call home. As soon as I arrive in Chicago, I feel like I have just met an old, comfortable friend.

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