The Kindle Touch & HTC Smartphone

The Kindle Touch & HTC Smartphone

I haven’t always been into gadgets and new technology. I am usually one of the last people to get on the bandwagon for the cool new devices that come out. But there are two gadgets I own now that I wouldn’t trade for ANYTHING, and I am not sure how I managed to live without them until recently. The first is my Kindle touch, and the second is my HTC Android Smartphone.

I have always been a lover of literature. I tear through books very quickly, and there is something to be said about holding a book in your hands, smelling the ink on the paper, and having the weight of the novel in your hands. I was a purist at heart, and I was extremely hesitant to go the route of an ereader. I finally caved, however, at the beginning of April, and now I can never go back to reading a real dead tree book ever again.

While I don’t have a lot of the features of a regular tablet with the Kindle Touch, I have an ereader with an amazing e-ink display which is easy to use. Best of all, there are literally MILLIONS of books available at the touch of a finger, many of which are absolutely free to download from

I took forever to get onto the smartphone bandwagon, as well. Everybody around me had a smartphone of some sort, but I didn’t get one until about a year ago. I don’t know how I ever functioned without one before last year. I love being able to access the internet, get directions, check my email, and use the GPS from a single device that I have to carry with me anyways. Not to mention all the free apps available to make my life so much easier.

I have always considered myself to be technologically challanged, so I am a bit slow on the uptake of new gizmos and gadgets. The two that I will never live without again are my ereader and my smartphone. I am not sure how I ever functioned before I had them, and I know I would be lost without them if I didn’t have them now.

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