How can I find a girlfriend? For Guys

How can I find a girlfriend? For Guys

” This is a question that has plagued men for centuries going on millennium. I hope I can shed some light on the subject.

I have noticed a very peculiar little characteristic that a lot of women have in common.  And they are completely unaware of it.  Whenever I am talking with my girlfriends, and they start complaining about their husbands, I have noticed an astounding common thread that seems to unite most women.

And here it is:
Women are not really good at communication.

I am well aware that in pop culture and in pop psychology, the common knowledge that is agreed upon by everyone, is that women are great at communication and men are terrible at communication.  Females love to toot their own horn and declare that they are great at communication.

But the truth is, this is simply not the case.  Think about it for a minute.  Really, rack through your brain, go back through your memory.  Try to remember conversations you have had with a female friend. Did she clearly and honestly come straight out and tell you what she was thinking?

shelovesOr did she try to tell you, “Well why do I have to ask?”
Or, “Why didn’t you already know that?”
Or, “You should know me better than that.  if you know me so well, why couldn’t you tell how I was feeling.”
Or, “Why don’t you already know what I want for my birthday?”  or “our anniversary?”  or any major event or holiday.

I know this might seem to hinder success with getting a girlfriend, but please just bear with me.

The truth of the matter is, women are not great at straightforwardly, clearly stating how they feel and what they expect from you.  They are not really skilled at verbalizing their feelings, and telling you what they expect out of the relationship.

Unfortunately, men are not great at communication, either.  At least everyone already seems to “know” this.  Although most people probably do not realize that women are not exemplary communicators.

So what is a man to do?  What is the solution?  How do you get the communication ball rolling?

The answer is, you just have to start somewhere.

What you would find most helpful is a guide that explains to you in the way that a man would understand.  But it should also at the same time, get you to understand and comprehend the way a woman thinks.  So the guide should talk you in a way that places importance on how YOUR mind works.  Simultaneously it should be able to get you to realize the way that a woman’s mind works.

Many of us are shy talking to the opposite sex. That takes us no where. We are scared of talking to any person of opposite sex. Something happens that stops us. Why do we get scared? We are not scared of talking to persons of our own sex. We are confident about ourselves. We have enough self-esteem, and we value ourselves as desirable. Then why? It is as if there is a switch in the mind that is switched off and says no when it comes to talking with persons of opposite sex.

What can be done about this? This problem has to do with our mind. Our mind tells us that we are not worthy. We may be rejected. We may be laughed at. Our mind warns us to defend ourselves from this and says no – you are not to approach anyone from the opposite sex. This is the mechanism of mind. Fight or flight. In this case, we resort to flight. But with this running away, we will never get a desirable partner. We will always remain alone and only wistfully watch other couples going around. So what should we do?

The very first step in such cases is to evaluate our self and compare ourselves with our friends. Are we as smart as they are? Are we as intelligent as they are? Are we as confident as they are? Are we as presentable as they are? Is our personality equally good? On most of these issues you may find that you are scoring more points than your friends. So one thing is established. You are a desirable person. If your friends are not shy, why are you? Gather the strength and approach persons of opposite sex with confidence. Don’t worry about rejections. There can be many reasons for that. Approach smartly and you will surely get some one good to date. Good Luck.

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